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Carrollton Landscaping

Advantage Lawn & Landscape is Carrolton area’s landscaping company locals trust with their beautiful yards. To create or maintain your perfect home or business yard, contact an expert by calling 972-820-9019 and discover the difference hiring professionals makes.

Picture-perfect lawn care is best left to the pros. It takes a high level of knowledge, experience and access to professional equipment to achieve a great look. Advantage Lawn & Landscape understands the unique challenges of the Texas environment and is able to recommend and employ plants, flowers and shrubbery that is ideally-suited to the area, making landscape maintenance less of a chore.

The Carrollton landscaping experts from Advantage Lawn & Landscape offer the following services to keep your residential or commercial area looking its best:

- Hedge Trimming. This is like the icing on top of the cake. A perfectly-manicured lawn yard and outdoor space is really only finished when the hedges have been properly trimmed. We recommend that you avoid allowing anyone to trim your hedges who doesn’t have a high level of experience in this field.

- Grass Installation. The hot Texas sun can certainly take its toll on the beauty of your lawn. If you dream of owning the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood, contact Advantage Lawn & Landscape for professional grass installation. Their workers can install your new lawn for just $650 per pallet- a price which includes delivery, the removal of both weeds and grass in the desired area, installation of your choice of St. Augustine or Bermuda grass, roll and watering or installed sod grass and care instructions.

- Full Service Lawn Maintenance. Do you want a lawn or outdoor space you can enjoy without ever having to spend a minute maintaining it? The Carrollton landscaping crew from Advantage Lawn & Landscape offer Annual Full Service Lawn Maintenance service. The most popular program also yields the best results. Your full service maintenance includes lawn mowing, edging, line trimming, hedge trimming, weed removal and weed control in gardens, fertilization and more.

- Spring Cleanup. Each spring brings with it the excitement and allure of another growing season and all of the beauty it brings with it. Advantage Lawn & Landscape offers affordable landscape upgrades to keep your yard looking its best, including services like weeding, hedge trimming, seasonal color addition and mulching. Spring is the perfect time to replace old shrubs and beds with spectacular ground cover, flowers or new shrubs.

- Aeration. If you’re looking for a way to make your tired grass undergo a revival, consider professional aeration service from Advantage Lawn & Landscape. Aeration introduces air into your lawn through the use of a specialized machine that pokes holes into the turf, introducing beneficial bacteria into your yard which will allow it to grow much more efficiently- and more beautifully.

Consider calling on the most trusted Carrollton landscaping crew at Advantage Lawn & Landscape for the complete maintenance of your outdoor spaces. For more information, simply fill out the online contact form or call an expert at 972-820-9019.

Carrollton Landscaping

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All Star Tree Services offers a 7-day week tree removal service. In the event of an emergency, our tree service experts are ready to help you. We provide vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled staff to deploy and handle all tree removal emergencies.


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