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Lawn Care App

Lawn Care App

Lawn care app

Managing a lawn care business involves attending to your customers as well as their lawns. A typical lawn care business owner has to juggle dozens of tasks daily, and it could be hard to keep up with scheduling, record-keeping, and other demands of the work. However, you could run your company more efficiently if you invest in a good lawn care software. With a good lawn care app such as Clipitc, you can take the stress out of organizing your daily tasks, generating business reports, billing and invoicing, and carrying out similar jobs.

What are the benefits of using a lawn care app?

Here are a few ways a good lawn care software can help your lawn care business: 

Easy scheduling

You can dispatch employees to different locations, set recurring shifts, or cancel previous plans from the comfort of your mobile device. Your employees would also have direct access to their work schedule via their smartphones.

Accurate track working hours

A good lawn care app would have a timesheet feature that allows employees to clock in and out. The app would also have an integrated GPS feature that ensures employees only clock in when they are at the specified location.

Easy communication

You do not have to contact individual employees or clients whenever you need to pass an urgent message that’s relevant to a large group. Simply set the predetermined audience, and the app would help you pass your message across.

Save time on routing

Shaving just two minutes off a property can save you a few hours a week. You can only achieve this if you set up your routing correctly. A lawn care app with customized or auto-routing options such as Clipitc can help you ensure correct routing.

Enhance professional skills

Lawn care apps can help you coordinate training materials that would keep employees abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Having access to the information at their convenience could also facilitate learning.

How can a lawn care app help with customer maintenance?

As with any business, keeping your customers satisfied is crucial to the growth of your landscaping business. Lawn care software such as Clipitc can help track all of your notes, routing needs, and property information for all customers. Here are a few more ways lawn care apps can help you keep your customers happy:

  • Organizing information and history, including service dates and times, outstanding invoices, material costs, etc.
  • Automatic reminders for crew members and staff on specific service dates and times
  • Customer portal keeps customer information handy

Contact us to book a free demo

Are you looking for a lawn care app with optimized features that would help you grow your business? Do you struggle with aspects of your landscaping business, such as routing your customers, scheduling, generating detailed reports, and general customer maintenance? Clipitc is the lawn care software you’ve been waiting for. Their law care app is the dream of landscaping business owners. Get in touch with them today and book a free demo.

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