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Lawn Service Near Me

Lawn Service Near Me

Lawn service keeps your lot crisp, clean, and professionally tailored even when you do not have the time to do so. The iconic lines of a freshly cut lawn are a much better site than dirt patches and weeds. Since 1974, the professionals at Lawn Care Minneapolis built an impressive portfolio of clients from homeowners to large businesses. 

What services does a lawn service near me provide? 

Lawn services include more than merely mowing your lawn. Complete care includes nourishment, trimming, hedging, aeration and a variety of other services to turn your neighbors' heads while maintaining the classic leafy green you deserve. 

Professionals understand how to save you money and promote the health of your yard. Aeration in particular reduces soil compaction as well as the need for dethatching in the spring. Promoting symbiotic microbial growth provides immense benefits. 

When bare and dead spots do occur, we also doctor lawn back into shape. Fertilization and grub control ensure that your yard is lush in no time.  

What diseases can infect my lawn? 

Grass is a living entity. It grows, feeds, and contracts parasites and diseases much as any other organism. 

Some common ailments include grub infestations, flea and tick infestations, and the appearance of moss or crabgrass. Weeds form amongst the blades of grass looking to partake in the bountiful resources provided by any level of care. 

Without proper care, everything from the summer heat to nature itself targets your yard. Most of the United States is not the green lands where your seed comes from. 

Some infestations directly impact your own health and well-being. Ticks carry lime disease making an infestation potentially dangerous. 

Prevention is among the best solutions to yard maintenance. Avoid costly repairs through a regular contract with our established company. Our professionals spot the tell-tale signs of trouble early, working hard to avoid a complete disaster. 

Save time and make money with a professional landscaper 

Landscaping professionals know how to care for one of your most important assets. A home purchased in 1950 for $40000 costs up to $236400 today. Through various economic trends, housing prices continue to rise. 

Anything that improves your home value is vital to your portfolio. Landscaping increases value by up to $38,100 on a$300000 dwelling. The impact is not small with grass alone adding ten percent to your bottom line. 

The impact is significant when your lawn is well kept. Landscapers painstakingly care for every detail. We keep your lawn fresh and clean while you continue with your busy schedule. Stop worrying about grubs, ticks, and the heat. 

Where can I find a lawn service near me? 

Established in 1974, Lawn Care Minneapolis knows how to promote the health and wellness of your yard. Every member of our operation works hard to provide the best service to every client.  

We take care of fertilization, weed control, and integrated pest management to help customers avoid bare spots. Every lawn we touch is as good as our own. Call us today for a free quote. 

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Lawn Service Near Me
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